Decoration Feng Shui: pay attention to the decoration color when buying a house

The first thing many people do after buying a house is to carry out fine decoration in the house to ensure that the house can become what they think. When decorating, we should not only pay attention to the choice of style and materials, but also pay attention to the Feng Shui changes brought by decoration. After all, house decoration is equivalent to changing the structure of the whole house, which will naturally change Feng Shui

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pay attention to the color tone when decorating

there are many Feng Shui factors to pay attention to when decorating the house, among which the more important is the change of color tone. Because there are cold and warm colors in color, different colors will bring different Feng Shui, not to mention that color also represents different five element attributes. Therefore, when decorating the house, we must pay attention to the color selection of different spaces and regions

warm color should be used in the porch

because the porch is the channel connecting the door and the living room, it is best to choose warm color when decorating the porch, so that people can feel the warmth as soon as they open the door, and can also make the air flow from the door more relaxed. On the contrary, if the tone in the porch is cold, it will make the whole house look very cold and lack of temperature

use less strong colors in the living room

when decorating the living room, it’s best to use gentle colors, that is, colors that can make people concentrate. Never choose colors that make people look uncomfortable, such as red, black, bright silver and so on. Light green, light yellow or light blue are very suitable. They can not only calm your mood, but also bring good feng shui to the living room. Therefore, they are the first choice for decorating the living room

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