Placement of fish tank in living room

I think it is necessary to list the aquarium from the unique furnishings of the living room, because the misfortunes and blessings of water are obvious. It is very important to correctly place the aquarium Waterscape in the application of Feng Shui. Chinese people like to raise fish. On the one hand, they can enjoy their feelings and cultivate their nature. On the other hand, 10000 faces can also turn evil spirits into wealth from the perspective of Feng Shui. And to raise red fish for wealth, and to raise black fish for the purpose of blocking evil spirits

according to the five elements theory, the five elements of the fish tank belong to water and can be placed in the north. The fish tank can also be placed in the southeast or East, using the principle of aquatic wood. “Purple and white formula” says: ” ldquo” mdash; White is the answer of the official star and dominates the article ” , “Mystery Fu” said: ” When wood enters the Kan palace, the Phoenix pond is expensive, “Xuankong secret purport” also says: ” Famous Kodi, greedy wolf star enters Xun Palace ” , The Yibai, kangong, Guanxing and greedy wolf stars mentioned here all refer to ” Water travel ” ; This energy. Xun palace is in the southeast, which means that the aquatic woodmaster is famous, smart and easy to achieve in reading. If there are children studying at home, you can try to set the fish tank in the north, East and southeast to see if it is beneficial

“Fu on the heart of snow” says: ” The misfortunes and blessings of water are obvious, and the fulfillment of mountains is a little late” ; As long as we can receive the water bureau, we can accelerate the arrival of good luck, and even get results faster than opening a prosperous door. The geomantic omen of Xuankong Dayuan divination school believes that in the next 20 years, as long as there is a water bureau in the southwest, it will belong to the pattern of all prosperous wealth. If it is a city apartment, you can set up a small fish tank in the southwest of the room. If there is a courtyard outside the house, you can build a large pool in the southwest, and then start the air pump at a good time, which will be great luck

rectangular, circular and semicircular aquariums are better than square, triangular and polygonal aquariums. The water level in the cylinder shall not be higher than the head position of the owner, nor lower than the knee position of the person

most modern families raise colorful immortals, koi, goldfish and other varieties with bright colors and mild temperament in order to hope that their families will be safe and happy; There are also black Molly and dragon spitting beads to block evil spirits. Dragon spitting beads belong to fierce fish species, which is said to have considerable effect on the enhancement of partial wealth

as for the number of fish raised, some people say ” VIII ” ; Some people say raising ” IX ” ; Some people say raising ” Eighty one ” ; In fact, they all seek ” Send ” ” Nine as ” ” Jiu Jiu GUI Zhen ” ; Wait. I don’t think we need to believe too much in the influence of these figures. The purpose of setting up fish tanks is to improve the tension and indifference of the artificial environment, beautify the living space and delight the residents. Feng Shui Theory ” Water prospers with decline ” , What brings prosperity is mainly the gurgling water in the tank, not the number of fish

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