Relationship between home decoration and Feng Shui

How the geomantic omen of home has its own influence on our fortune, so the geomantic omen of home has been widely valued all the time. We all care about the geomantic omen of home and our fortune; So what is the relationship between home decoration and Feng Shui? The following is the relevant articles compiled by Fstips. Let’s have a look

the relationship between home decoration and Feng Shui

the relationship between home ceiling decoration and Feng Shui

four suggestions:

(1) the ceiling should have a Tianchi

the floor height of modern houses is generally about 2.8m. If the roof of the living room is decorated with modeling Tianhua, people will feel a strong sense of oppression because the roof is pressed too low

in this case, the ceiling shape with low sides and high middle can be adopted. In this way, it is not only visually more comfortable, but also the concave position in the middle of the ceiling forms a water gathering ” Tianchi, It is of great benefit to housing. If it is in the ” Tianchi ” ; A resplendent crystal lamp hung in the center will have the effect of making the finishing point, but do not install a mirror on the ceiling. In addition, the chandelier should not have a sharp shape

(2) fluorescent lamps should be installed in the dark living room

some living rooms lack sunlight, the indoor darkness is unknown, and it is easy to be depressed for a long time. In this case, it is best to hide fluorescent lamps in the wooden grooves on the four sides of the ceiling to supplement the light. Such light is refracted from the ceiling, soft and not dazzling. The light emitted by the fluorescent lamp is closest to the sunlight, which is most suitable for the living room lacking natural light

(3) the ceiling chandelier in the living room should be round

the interior must give people a bright feeling, so the lighting in the living room should be sufficient, and dimness will affect the career development. The choice of lamps and lanterns on the ceiling of the living room is very important. It is best to use circular chandeliers or ceiling lamps, because the circle has the meaning of perfect service

(4) the color of the ceiling should be light and bright, which is best matched with the color loved by the head of the family

Feng Shui forest theory holds that the sky is clear and the earth is turbid, so the color of ceiling should also conform to this theory. If you can combine the fate of the head of a family and choose the color suitable for him, it will be more conducive to his fortune

three taboos:

(1) do not use dark colors on the ceiling

the ceiling of the living room symbolizes the sky and the floor symbolizes the ground. The color of the ceiling should be light and the color of the floor should be dark to meet ” The sky is light and the earth is heavy ” ; In this way, there will be no sense of top heavy or top pressure visually. In addition, it is best not to decorate with a large area of mirrors

(2) if the floor height of the living room is too low, avoid the ceiling

the floor height is too low, which means that the floor to ceiling is less than 2.6m. If the ceiling is not suitable for daily living, it will inevitably affect the mood of people who live in the ceiling, which will inevitably affect their daily life

(3) the ceiling of the living room should not have beams

the top pressing of beams is a great taboo in the design of home environment. The ancients believed that ” It’s unlucky to press the top of the beam;. Because the beam has ” Repression ” ; The radiant energy is easy to cause mental tension and bad luck to the people under the beam. If there is a beam above the living room, it is necessary to cover it with ceiling or auspicious decorations, which can eliminate the sense of depression and maintain the physical and mental health of residents

the relationship between home lighting decoration and Feng Shui

every family will use lighting, and every room can’t live without lights. If people pursue the quality of life, they often spend a lot of money and energy on these lighting. They pursue beauty, but the master reminds people that it’s right to pursue beauty, and it’s best to give consideration to Feng Shui at the same time. For example, in terms of dark adjustment, you can’t choose too dim lights or too dazzling and bright, which will damage the gas field and affect your luck

when choosing the lighting intensity of lighting, it is considered that the living room should be bright, while the bedroom should be soft, which will also complement each other for the aura. Don’t choose red or purple bright lights at home, which will make people unstable, resulting in impetuous mood and affect the momentum of fortune

we suggest to choose the round ceiling lighting, because Feng Shui pays attention to the round place, which is just in line with the theory of stability and will not cause accidents or unnecessary pressure on the family. As for the material of lighting, choosing classical materials can stabilize the house and help the owner’s career, while fashionable materials can make the owner’s wealth prosperous and peach blossom constantly

the relationship between home decoration and Feng Shui

in general, a house with a back to the mountain and water, facing south is an ideal choice. Back to the mountain and facing the water, there is circulating fresh air and quiet surrounding environment. Sit north and face south to meet the requirements of sufficient light. In the metropolis, because the distribution density of residential houses is too large, this ideal feng shui treasure land is very few

in the small family environment, the layout of the house is very particular. Don’t face the bathroom when you enter. Generally speaking, the toilet is the place where the foul gas is hidden. Try to set up a porch at the door. The porch means happiness in Buddhism. Take its auspicious meaning in the family. Putting some auspicious decorations on the porch can bring good luck

the arrangement of furniture and electrical appliances in the living room should be scientific. Don’t put the sofa under the beam. When making the ceiling of the living room, try to hide the beam. Chinese people advocate a round sky and a round place, and the ceiling is usually decorated with a round two-story ceiling. The northwest belongs to water, and water belongs to wealth. It is advisable to put some evergreen plants in the northwest of the living room, which indicates that the water flows long and the wealth is smooth. It is forbidden to put some electrical appliances such as air conditioner

don’t enlarge the area of the mirror opposite the bed in the bedroom. The mirror can reflect people’s shadow. When people wake up in the middle of the night, it will make people uneasy to see the shadow moving in the mirror. The bed should be placed in the north-south direction, and the geomagnetic field is in the north-south direction, which will make you have enough sleep during rest

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