Precautions for home feng shui decoration

In the decoration of the home, we have to pay attention to the matters of Feng Shui. After all, any Feng Shui matters of the home may be related to the Feng Shui aura of the home. Whether the Feng Shui aura of the home is good or bad has a great connection with our fortune. If so, how can we ignore the decoration of the home? Might as well follow Fstips to understand it

open kitchen is not good

in today’s home, more and more people like to decorate open kitchen, because open kitchen looks more fashionable, beautiful and simple. As everyone knows, in fact, the open kitchen is not very good. After all, Feng Shui pays attention to hiding wind and receiving gas. The kitchen must also hide wind and receiving gas in order to have good feng shui. If Feng Shui in the kitchen cannot do this, it will only lead to the deterioration of Feng Shui in the home. The open kitchen can not hide the wind and absorb the gas. In this way, the kitchen is not good, which also affects the fortune of the family. In addition, the open kitchen is easy to lead to the spread of oil fume everywhere, which will also have a certain impact on the mood and health of the family

the decoration of the bedroom should be comfortable

in the decoration of the home, the decoration of the bedroom should ensure the comfort of the indoor space, because the main function of the bedroom is to sleep and rest. It is a charging station and the main space for us to rest. So in any case, the decoration of the bedroom must comply with ” Comfort ” ; This principle. Therefore, the space light of the bedroom can not be too bright and dazzling. Some lamps with soft light should be installed for lighting, so as to create a comfortable space and help us sleep! However, if you have to install dazzling lamps and exaggerated chandeliers in the bedroom, it violates the Feng Shui principle of the bedroom. Such decoration will have a certain impact on the feng shui of the bedroom, as well as our sleep and health

the living room plants are reasonably placed

in addition, many people will also use plants in home decoration. After all, the role of plants is particularly powerful. They can purify the air, improve Feng Shui and dissolve evil Qi. At the same time, they can also bring a clear and natural atmosphere to the home, so as to improve our mood, fortune and Feng Shui! Especially in some newly renovated houses, people like to place potted plants to absorb toxic substances in the air; But there are also many matters for the placement of plants, which we have to pay attention to. Feng Shui believes that placing plants in the living room must be divided into bad and auspicious. For example, the auspicious position is suitable for placing plants with auspicious meanings; The fierce position is only suitable for the placement of Huasha plants. The placement of these plants must be placed according to the difference between bad and good. If the plants that turn evil spirits are placed on the auspicious position, it is not conducive to the feng shui of the living room

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