Kitchen decoration Feng Shui

Do you know what you need to know about the decoration of the kitchen? In fact, there are many problems that need to be understood. There are also many attentions when decorating green plants in the kitchen. What is the feng shui of kitchen decoration? Let’s have a look

kitchen decoration Feng Shui

kitchen decoration green plant Feng Shui

the kitchen is located in the south, and the placement of foliage plants is helpful to save. The kitchen is located in the south. It is affected by the strong red sun. It will unconsciously have the tendency to spend money indiscriminately. The kitchen is located in the East, which is Daji. If it is in other directions, it can be placed on the table or around the refrigerator, which is conducive to maintaining health. In the western kitchen, golden flowers, daffodils and three color violets are placed by the window, which can not only block the evil spirit of the sunset, but also bring wealth. When the kitchen is located in the north, pink and orange flowers can add vitality to the interior

Feng Shui color for kitchen decoration

light color should be used for kitchen decoration, and dark color should not be used. The shape of the kitchen should not be round or half moon, preferably rectangular. The pattern of kitchen and dining room shall be square and upright, and there shall be no missing corner or protruding corner. The pattern of rectangle or square is the best. The dining table should not face the door directly. If it is really unavoidable, it can be blocked by a screen to avoid too transparent vision; The ceiling of the dining room should not have beams and columns. If the structure of the building cannot be changed, hoist and other accessories can be hung under the beams and columns to prevent it from directly pressing onto the dining table

advantages and disadvantages of Feng Shui in open kitchen decoration

modern room decoration is mainly simple and modern style, which is more fashionable when matched with open kitchen. Now the kitchen area of general house type will not be too large. Making an open kitchen can make the space larger visually and make better use of the space. Modern people’s way of life, generally only one meal a day will be cooked at home; Kitchen appliances such as high-power range hoods, smokeless stoves and smokeless pots, smokeless cookers such as microwave ovens and induction ovens, and overall cabinets provide good hardware conditions for open kitchens

1. Open kitchen does not gather gas. The saying that the room is too large or too small does not gather gas also applies to the kitchen. Non gathering gas means that it is difficult to accumulate wealth and popularity

2. The fire is unstable and harmful to health. The open kitchen is much more affected by the airflow in other functional areas than the independent kitchen. Due to this influence, the fire on the stove will inevitably be unstable. This implies that feng shui will have an adverse impact on the health of residents

3. If there is a window behind the stove or pool, there is no gas gathering and wealth leakage. Many open kitchen stoves or pools are not close to the wall, and some are close to the window for the sake of light. The obvious impact of this layout on Feng Shui is that there is no gas gathering and wealth leakage

4. In the open kitchen, many people like to make a bar in the part connected between the kitchen and the living room. It is usually used as a dining table. When friends come, they mix some cocktails, which is quite exotic. It not only meets the psychology of young people, but also makes clever use of space

5. In order to make up for the lack of money leakage in the open kitchen, it is suggested to use the principle of the combination of five elements in the decoration color, and use the yellow and beige tones of the five elements to generate prosperous gold, so as to attract money and gather money

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