Often neglected home feng shui

From the front door to the bedroom, to the bathroom and balcony, every place in the home is exquisite. Most people know more or less about the importance of home feng shui, but it is often difficult to take care of the details, and these neglected details directly or indirectly affect the physical and mental health of the homeowner and the wealth of family members

I. nailing on the door

in home life, many people like to nail some nails on the back of the door, which is convenient to hang things, and some even nail on the wall. In fact, these two methods are not suitable. In particular, nails cannot be nailed behind the door, because the role of the door in Feng Shui is equivalent to the face of a family. Nailing nails on the door is like thorns on a person’s face. If you must choose the object to hang things, it is recommended that you buy the traceless hook in the store, which is more appropriate

II. shoe cabinet

first, it is recommended to put the shoe cabinet at the door rather than in the room. The current shoe cabinet usually adopts the multi-layer design. From the perspective of Feng Shui, the height of the whole shoe cabinet should be five floors. Because five numbers are soil, it is not a problem that the shoe cabinet is less than five floors, but if it is more than five floors, it is a big taboo. Because the shoes are soil, it should be based on ” Down to Earth ” ; If you put your shoes too high, it will be easy to sprain and fall when walking

in other words, shoes represent a person’s ” Foundation ” , Only by laying a stable foundation can we help our career develop. At the same time, when placing shoes, we should pay attention to that the toe of the shoe should not be facing people. We should turn the heel to the outside, and the toe of the shoe is facing ourselves, which is easy to cause harm and will be harmful to the health of the homeowner

III. electric fan

ancient people talked about feng shui. They talked about the role of water in balancing energy and the impact of the function of wind flow and air field on people. Among them, the wind emphasizes the natural wind. Of course, now everyone stays at home and it is difficult to encounter the natural wind. However, a small skill can be used to solve this common modern problem, that is, use the electric fan to strengthen the convection of the air and guide the natural wind in. The refreshing environment will naturally cheer you up and have few respiratory problems

IV. vacuum cleaner

the vacuum cleaner has a long straw and wire, just like a snake belonging to fire, and the suction cup is the head of the snake. If it is not properly stored, it will cause physical discomfort due to high fire

after using the vacuum cleaner, clean up the wires and put them back into the locker. Do not put them in an easy to see place at will. The suction cup should also be removed so as not to suck away all the good feng shui

v. wire

the five elements of wire belong to fire. Because it looks like a snake, it is very unfavorable to the layout of Feng Shui. It is easy to make people often in a state of fatigue, nervous tension and aching muscles and bones. However, it is impossible to avoid the use of wires in modern homes, so when decorating, the wires should be hidden in the wall as far as possible to avoid crossing the whole room due to insufficient sockets. The daily socket should also be placed next to or behind the appliance, and try to hide the wire out of sight

VI. antenna

the antenna has the function of receiving or transmitting radio waves, so the antenna has a great impact on Feng Shui. One of the most conducive to Feng Shui is the iron pot shaped satellite antenna, which can enhance the house’s ability to receive radio waves and create a stronger magnetic field. As long as such a satellite antenna is back to the house, it is conducive to enhance the feng shui of the house and is a good transportation layout

VII. carpet

the importance of the carpet in front of the sofa is not only equivalent to the bright hall in front of the house to absorb gas, but also equivalent to a piece of green grass in front of the house. Therefore, when choosing the carpet, we should choose the carpet with colorful, harmonious composition and bright colors. If its colors and patterns can be matched properly, such as choosing its own color of Caixing or its own auspicious tone, it will make the hall produce different aura and spatial changes. At the same time, you can also use the color of the carpet to make the house prosperous

in addition, the pattern of carpet can also be divided into five attributes. For example, the round pattern belongs to gold; Straight striped genus wood; Having a wavy shape, belonging to water in the five elements; Star shaped and pyramid shaped patterns belong to fire; If the earth of the lattice pattern can be well matched with the placement of orientation and color, it can bring auspiciousness and auspiciousness to the family

VIII. plants

we can often see some people raise flowering plants at home or in their own offices, and use them as a decoration of the house. In fact, if analyzed from the perspective of Feng Shui, it’s best not to choose the flowering plants when choosing plants, because some of the flowering plants can’t attract money at all, but will bring some unnecessary troubles, such as pollen allergy or wrong placement, and married people are easy to provoke good luck

therefore, it is recommended to choose plants with thick roots, lush, wide leaves and fond of sunshine, such as Fugui bamboo, apple green, Zhaocai tree, etc. indoors and in the office

IX. bedside

one of the taboos of bedside is to leave the bedside blank. The so-called bedside blank means that there is no mountain back or mountain back. This phenomenon can often be seen in the layout of many family bedrooms. Leaving the bedside empty is easy to make people feel insecure and insecure. From the analysis of the layout of Feng Shui at home, this is a big taboo, because when people enter the sleep state, their own prevention ability is the worst. If there is bad luck attacking people at this time, they will be hurt unknowingly. There is a saying called ” Immortals are also afraid of the wind behind their heads, It is prone to some conditions that are not conducive to health. It is suggested that when placing the bed, at least one side depends on the wall, and the one with both sides depends on the wall is more favorable

in modern home life, there are many Feng Shui details like this. For example, the distance between the living room and each space should not be in twists and turns. A smooth moving line will help to smooth the atmosphere and prosper the house; If you can’t grasp the position, you’d better not hang a mirror in the living room, because the mirror is placed in the wrong position, which is fierce in Feng Shui

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