There must be no arch design in the bedroom

In modern home decoration, decoration companies rarely consider the problems of Feng Shui. Most of them take the basic beauty as the standard. How beautiful and personalized is how to decorate. However, we should consider that the poor Feng Shui Aura will have a great impact on the family’s luck, so we’d better pay more attention to the problem of Feng Shui

the design of arch must not appear in the bedroom

for example, in the process of decoration, the design of arch must not appear in the bedroom. For example, the bedroom door is the design of arch, the window is the design of arch, as well as wardrobe and bed. These should avoid the design style of arch and avoid the appearance of circular arc things

1. Bedroom door: the shape of the arch is very similar to the tombstone. In Feng Shui, it is believed that if the shape of things is similar, there will be a certain connection between Qi and fortune. Therefore, if the door of the bedroom is very similar to the tombstone, there will be too strong Yin Qi in the bedroom. The tombstone itself is the object of the Yin House. Therefore, appearing in the bedroom will inevitably bring Yin Qi to the bedroom and threaten the health of the family

2. Bedroom window: the Feng Shui function of the window and the door is relatively similar. The door owner receives gas and attaches gas, while the window owner discharges gas and attaches gas. When the window presents the arch design, it will also make the Yin in the gas field environment stronger, which is unfavorable to the health in the bedroom

3. Bedroom bed: bed is a place for people to rest. If the bed presents the design of arch and is in a circular arc, its shape is not only similar to Tombstone, but also some like coffin, and the bed itself is also a place for people to rest and sleep, so it will have an extremely adverse impact on people’s feeling and Qi

the bedroom itself is the place where people sleep and rest, so there must be no Yin Qi or evil Qi in the Qi field environment, otherwise it will affect people’s health and all aspects of Qi transportation. Therefore, the design of arch must not appear in the bedroom


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