Can the bedroom have only doors and no windows

People often say ” The room should have windows, and without windows, it becomes a prison;. A house without windows is like a prison. Living in it feels like going to jail. Living in such a house for a long time is easy to make people insane, haunted by nightmares and affect their mental health. In addition, it may also induce physiological diseases, causing lesions in the liver, lung, kidney and other viscera. Therefore, when building a house, we must open a window for the house, otherwise there will be endless trouble

a house with doors and no windows is like a cell, which will not only affect physical and mental health, but also do not meet the requirements of Feng Shui. Therefore, it is recommended to refit the bedroom without windows:

1. The wall opposite the bed in the small bedroom can be broken through and made into part of the floor glass wall, craft art glass, or frosted glass and glass brick for light stealing treatment

2. Try not to have too many furniture in the small bedroom. The color is light

3. Light trough shall be used for ceiling. Make a small downlight to increase the light

4. If the big bedroom can be changed. One part is changed between large and small bedrooms to make glass walls or fixed glass windows

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