Problems needing attention in Feng Shui of living room decoration corridor

Don’t think that decoration is a trivial matter. In fact, decoration is a very trivial matter. From the selection of decoration style, decoration materials and Feng Shui matters of decoration, may day doesn’t need our careful handling! Because these decoration matters will be related to the fortune of the family. If you don’t pay attention, I’m afraid it will damage the feng shui of the home and the fortune of the home

decoration of corridor size

in the living room, the corridor is the place where people walk and the gas field flows, so the of the corridor is very important, and Feng Shui can not be ignored for the decoration of the corridor! According to the stress of Feng Shui, when decorating the corridor, we must pay attention to such size problems. If the size of the corridor is inappropriate, it is too long and too wide; Or too short, too narrow, etc., will have an impact on the living room and even the feng shui of the whole home. Generally speaking, the length of the corridor shall not exceed two-thirds of the total length of the home, and the width of the corridor shall be controlled at about 90cm, which is the standard size; If the length of the corridor exceeds two-thirds of the total length of the home, or the width of the corridor is less than 90 cm, it does not meet the requirements of Feng Shui, which will have a great impact on Feng Shui in the living room

the corridor is a place with poor natural relationship, so generally speaking, some lamps should be installed on the corridor to make the light of the corridor bright. We must pay attention to this when decorating. When decorating the corridor, many people tend to ignore the feng shui of lamps and lanterns, resulting in the darkness and gloom of the corridor. However, such a corridor is a big taboo in Feng Shui, which will lead to too heavy Feng Shui and Yin in the living room, and even affect the development of family transportation. The correct decoration method is to install lighting lamps above the corridor, so that the light of the corridor can be bright and the feng shui of the home can be vigorous

decoration of corridor chandeliers

there must be no beam capping in the corridor. As we all know, beam capping is a very taboo pattern in Feng Shui. Wherever there is beam capping, it will inevitably form a bad feng shui atmosphere, and the corridor is no exception. If there is a beam protruding in the part of the corridor, it will inevitably oppress the fortune of the family, affect the mood of the family, unknowingly increase the pressure and burden of the family, and lead to the depression, depression and bad fortune of the family. It can be seen that a small measurement will have such a great impact! Therefore, in the decoration of the corridor, once the beam appears, a ceiling must be installed to hide the beam

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