Why can’t a mirror be installed in the kitchen

With the wide application of glass products in modern furniture decoration, many people like to decorate their rooms with glass. At the same time, in order to better improve the brightness of the kitchen, some people choose to install mirrors in the kitchen in order to visually change the narrow and dark impression. However, Feng Shui believes that installing mirrors in the kitchen is a big taboo in Feng Shui

in Feng Shui, it is forbidden to mirror the stove, especially when the mirror is installed behind the stove and reflects the food being cooked in the pot. In Feng Shui, this pattern is ” Tianmen fire ” , It greatly increases the fire in the kitchen and is easy to cause fire or misfortune

under normal circumstances, there is a hostess in the home who cooks, so the stove also represents the hostess in the home. If the mirror reflects on the stove, it means that the hostess is grumpy, and the reflection effect of the mirror will make two stoves appear in the kitchen, which means that there will be two hostesses in the family, which may indicate that the husband has an affair

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