Best feng shui color of wallet

Wallet represents wealth, so getting good wallet can help you attract more wealth. There are many factors can influence your wallet feng shui. Color of wallet is one of key factors.

feng shui color of wallet
feng shui color of wallet

White represent clean and empty. So white is not very suitable color of wallet.

Yellow can attract wealth, so yellow wallet is very good per feng shui rules.

Plum purple and pink represent love luck. So if you are single and want to get new partner, Pink and plum purper are suitable color for you. But those 2 colors are less of wealth attraction.

Black represent stable, so black wallet can help you to keep your wealth and reduce money loss.

Red is the best color of wealth attraction, but red color also represent quick money losing. So if your five element color is red, you can try to get red color wallet.

Blue represent water, it means money will flow away like water, and so blue is not very good color of wallet.

Coffee or brown color represent keeping wealth also. So coffee and brown are very suitable color for wallet.

If you current wallet does not help to attract more wealth, you can try to change new one. Another way to get more accurate color of your wallet is to look up your five elements. If your matched five elements is water, you can get one black or blue wallet, if matched element is fire, yellow or red wallet is best choice. This method could help you get better wealth attraction wallet. Good luck.

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