The function of eight directions in the living room

Zhengdong , healthy and happy, the color is green. Due east orientation is related to the health of residents. Placing lush plants in this area can promote the health and longevity of families. Water objects or landscape paintings are also helpful because water can support trees

due south , has a good reputation and likes to use red. A good layout of Feng Shui in the due south will bring fame and affirmation to the family, especially the parents in charge of livelihood. Due to the fire in the south, it is suitable for hanging pictures of Phoenix, flamingo or sunrise. Red carpets or red wooden decorations (because wood can make a fire) are also suitable. Installing lights in this direction can increase reputation and fortune. If you must put a mirror in this position, be sure to put a small mirror, because the mirror belongs to water, and the water will put out the fire, which is bad for fame and fortune

, with gold and silver, and < with sun. The west direction is related to the fortune of future generations, and the five elements belong to gold. Metal carvings, six column hollow metal wind chimes, televisions and stereos are all suitable for this area. Because earth can produce gold, the display of white vases or natural crystals also has the effect of catalyzing the transportation of future generations

due north , career luck, like to use blue or black. Placing items belonging to water in this position is helpful to the career of residents, such as fish tanks, landscape paintings, water tankers, etc. Or black metal ornaments can also be placed, because gold can produce water

southeast , fortune, like to use green. The southeast of the living room represents the wealth of a family. Never put dry flowers because the Yin is too heavy. The five elements belong to wood, so furnishing the items of wood in this direction has the effect of Attracting Wealth, among which the green plants with round leaves have the best effect. It is also suitable to put a fish tank here, because water can raise wood. Eight goldfish and a black fish are kept in the tank. It should be noted that the size of the fish tank should match the living room space. It is not appropriate to be too large or too small

in the Northeast , Wenchang Yun likes to use yellow and earth colors. If a child is about to take the exam, it’s best to pay attention to the Feng Shui layout in this direction. This area belongs to the earth, and the earth objects such as ceramic vases are suitable for enhancing the energy of this area. Natural crystals are also effective

in the southwest , it is lucky and likes to use yellow. If you want to promote marriage or love, the living room is the most important. The southwest belongs to soil, and the catalytic method is the same as that in the northeast. Placing a chandelier type desk lamp here can increase energy and promote the harmonious relationship between husband and wife; Natural crystal and family photo also have the same effect

in the northwest , you are lucky and like to use white. Strengthening the energy in the northwest of the living room will help to increase your transportation and interpersonal relationships. This area belongs to gold, so it is suitable for placing white, gold or silver metal ornaments, such as metal carvings or table lamps with white circular lampshades on metal bases. Six ancient coins strung with a red rope or hanging six hollow metal wind chimes can also attract noble people