Interior design Feng Shui should avoid Daquan

With the gradual improvement of people’s living standards, the interior decoration and design of feng shui will have a little knowledge, which often affects the luck of each of us. Therefore, when we design, we will choose some good materials and even ask some good designers to help us design a good feng shui layout. So, how much do you know about Feng Shui in interior design? Next, Fstips will take you to understand

Interior Design Feng Shui should avoid Daquan

the relationship between interior design and Feng Shui

houses are like human bodies, and the functions of indoor parts are like various organs of human bodies, which have the function of metabolism. The air must circulate in a balanced and universal way indoors, and the air from the gate channel to the bedroom, kitchen, study and living room should go in and out smoothly. In particular, the door and window are the mouth and nose of the house, separating the air between indoor and outdoor. The air of the gate is guided to each space through indoor doors and windows, passages, walls, screens, corners, furniture and other items. Then, the people who live in Shixian can get the nourishment of healthy and balanced Qi. This kind of Qi should not be too strong or too weak. It should be moderate. The one in the middle is auspicious. Here are the key points of indoor feng shui design:

1. Half of a couple’s life is spent in the bedroom, so the bedroom is the main point and center of the family. The leading idea of design is the spring of love. Therefore, the main tone should be comfortable, quiet, peaceful and conducive to rest. In particular, the bed should be placed in the auspicious square, that is, the four auspicious squares of anger, longevity, natural medicine and Fu position. The people of the West four magnetic fields, West, northwest, southwest and complementary Northeast: the people of the East four magnetic fields, Southeast, South and complementary north, are good places to settle down. 2. Study study is a place for reading and the wisdom of the family. It should pay attention to daylighting, good ventilation, quiet main tone and Wenchang desk position. The humanistic prosperity of the house is located in the position of Sifang unitary and Geng; The cultural prosperity of Kun position is in the position of Gen and Chou in the Northeast: the cultural prosperity of Gen position is in the position of Fang Kun in the southwest; The humanistic Chang position of Dui position is in the northwest dry Xu position; (the above are from Xisi magnetic field). The cultural prosperity of zhaixiangkan is located in Xun and Chen in the southeast; The humanistic prosperity is located in the position of Mao and Jia in the East; The Wenchang position of the earthquake location is in the afternoon and C position in the South; the Xun position and Wenchang position are in the Zi and Ren positions in the north. (the above are from Dongsi magnetic field). Feng Shui believes that: ” Heaven lives above the ox star, and the Lord ascends the throne on earth;. It is everyone’s anger to live in the position of ox star

3. The living room is a place for family members to rest and communicate with the outside world. It determines the relationship between family and society and the expansion of career. The main idea of its design is harmony and blessing. Therefore, the whole pattern should be elegant, peaceful, stable and dynamic. In all residences, the living room should be located in the front seat and connected with the porch

4. The kitchen symbolizes wealth and wealth. The leading idea of the design is abundance. So the kitchen should be bright and lively. The space shall be as wide and comfortable as possible, the ventilation position shall be good, and attention shall be paid to cleanliness. The discharge position of the stove must be placed in Kyrgyzstan. (including the location of the faucet). Feng Shui believes that the Lord gets rich is ” Tianqian star, With ” The Golden Valley of wealth and honor, and the millet play the name ” The function of. Tianqian stars are very coincidentally distributed in the ” Delay? Location. Sages believed that longevity and prosperity were inseparable. The distribution of wealth in the eight houses is roughly as follows: for those in the dry position, the wealth position is in Fangkun and Weiwei in the southwest; Kun’s position is in the northwest, Gan Xu’s position: Gen’s position is in the west, DUI and Geng’s position: Dui’s position is in the northeast, ugly and Gen’s position. The owner of the west fourth house should put the stove and faucet in the above position. The financial position of the person in the Kan position is in the position of C and Wu in the South; Those who leave the throne are in the position of Zi and Ren in the north; The human and financial position of the earthquake is located in Chen and Xun in the southeast; Xun’s wealth is in the position of Dongfang Mao and Jia. The owner of Dongsi magnetic field should put the stove and faucet in the above position. The above financial position positioning methods and positions are also suitable for the placement of the boss’s table in companies, stores, restaurants and office buildings

5. It is advisable to choose an auspicious recipe for the sacred position of divine position, religious belief, spiritual sustenance and human sacrifice. Design principle: be solemn, serious and have aura. Note that Buddha and God cannot be placed together, especially face-to-face. In fleeting years, Yin, afternoon, Xu and Sha sit in the north

taboos on Feng Shui in interior design

1. The entrance door of the house is directly opposite to the door of the toilet all the time

2. The bed must be placed in the east-west direction, not in the South and north; P. don’t place the coffin directly in the north-south direction of the bedroom unless the owner confirms that the coffin is placed in the north-south direction; (Note: the humidity in the bathroom is too heavy)

4. The position of the sofa should be ensured as much as possible. It is difficult for guests to find people sitting on the sofa as soon as they enter the door

5. Do not use unknown shapes and articles in home design; For example: machete, Guan Gong statue, etc

feng shui knowledge of interior design

1. The living room is a place shared by families and should be located in the center of the house; If because the living room is spacious and separated by a part of the bedroom, it is the most unsatisfactory living room

2. The number of sofa sets in the living room cannot be repeated. It is most forbidden to use one and a half sets, or the combination of two groups of sofas with one side and one circle. There are fish pots in the living room; Air connection ” ; The function of makes the room more vibrant, and the colorful singular is better for fish species

3. The best position of wealth position is the diagonal position of the entrance. Avoid columns and recesses here; If there are windows, they can be covered with curtains, so that wealth will not leak out; If this is just a passage, a screen can be placed, which can not only avoid the embarrassment of penetration, but also shape a good financial position; Placing wealth position with lush bonsai can make the fortune better. It is advisable to choose green plants with large and round leaves

4. The moving line of the living room should be the most open, and the vision can be seen through at a glance. The door and back door of the room should not be seen at the entrance, otherwise there will be ” In front and out back, you can’t gather money ” ; Suffering from; The walkway shall also avoid penetrating the whole room vertically or horizontally

5. The beam column hall should avoid the obstruction of the beam, and the structure can be decorated into various beautiful shapes. For example, the traditional arch, the extension of the ceiling, painting, etc. can also be simply divided into two areas. The living room of a dry house must be bright. Try to use a large number of white system colors to make the residents smart and elegant. If the dark color is more than half of the four sides, it will make the residents stupid and more unfavorable to men. The living room of the house should be bright and suitable, but it should not be too bright, that is, the white tone should not be more than three-quarters or three of the total area, facing the large window, otherwise the family may be in power by a woman, and it is afraid of the potential crisis of hurting her husband or man. The living room of Gen house should not be too wide. It is better to use white, earthy yellow and coffee. The living room away from the house should not leave too much useless space, otherwise it is easy to attract fire disasters and lawsuits. The living room of Kan house should adopt quiet and cold colors, not too bright, otherwise it will be bad for money. The living room of Kun house should be equipped with many equipment. The furniture is made of heavy materials and adopts yellow or log color system. Narrow furniture is the most taboo. The living room of Xun house should be shallow and wide. It can use more green systems, and more flowers and trees are the best decoration. The living room of Zhonggong residence can be set freely, but the Yellow system must be used to unify the whole room

Feng Shui in interior design should avoid

1. It is not suitable to be windy and cannot store wind and gather gas

2. Sunny and fresh air

3. The center of the house should not be polluted, such as building toilets or accumulating dirt

4. The streets and alleys should not be straight, and a good residence ” Like to whirl, avoid straight ”

5. The terrain should be flat, preferably not on the slope

6. The anti bow of the street should not be

7. Avoid cutting the evil spirit

8. Not suitable for chimney

9. It is not suitable to be in front of Yamen and behind the temple

there should be no altar temple in front of the door. Maybe everyone thinks that the altar temple, including the church, is a place to exorcise evil spirits and suppress evil spirits. It should be safer to live nearby

in fact, these shrines, temples or churches, in terms of Feng Shui, are the places with the most Yin Qi, because some ghosts will be concentrated here. Therefore, it is not good to live too close to these places. Especially for the houses with temples and shrines in front of the door, because the main door rushes into Yin Qi, there will be some unpleasant or inexplicable obstacles in health and fortune due to the heavy Yin Qi. If you have always been in poor health or are sensitive by nature, you can’t choose to rush to the temple and Church House in front of the door. There must be no thin rattan shade trees around the house. I have seen some houses and let the dense thin rattan climb all over the house. At first glance, it does have the romance of an ancient European castle, but it is a very unlucky shade house in Feng Shui. Trees and plants belong to Yin and Yang. Generally speaking, green broad-leaved plants belong to Yang and slender twining plants belong to Yin. If a house is surrounded by fine vines, the Yin of the house must be particularly heavy. Some houses have only one wall covered with fine vines. This is also a house belonging to a shady house. To be honest, there are many examples like this, especially in the suburbs or mountains. If you come across such a house, you should carefully consider whether your qi and energy are enough. Otherwise, if you live in the Yin House for a long time, the fast will be two months and the slow will be one year. The magnetic field on your body will be disturbed into Yin rather than Yang. At that time, your luck and health will be inexplicably hindered

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