Feng Shui is not good, poor three generations of decoration 10 taboos

Don’t underestimate the possible impact of Feng Shui. Many people just think that they don’t pay attention to Feng Shui and are harmed by bad feng shui, which will affect the fortunes of the whole family. Some bad feng shui may also affect the fortunes of future generations, and even lead to the decline of family fortunes, the decline of family roads and the crossing of poverty! So when decorating, we must pay attention to these ten Feng Shui taboos

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taboo 1: arch should not be installed

nowadays, in the decoration of many new homes, arch has become the favorite of vicious young people. Some young people especially like the design of arch and think that arch is ornamental and artistic, which must be more novel than the previous form of gate; But in fact, the design of the arch is unlucky. Like the shape of a tombstone, it will also damage the family’s luck

taboo 2: the light cannot be dark

how many people advocate energy conservation, so they will use some energy-saving lamps with poor lighting effect. Such lamps can not only help the home save a large amount of electricity, but also protect the earth; However, from the perspective of Feng Shui, the light of energy-saving lamps is not bright enough, which will lead to dark light at home, thus affecting Feng Shui

taboo 3: the living room cannot be narrow

the living room is a very important area and the top priority of the whole home, so generally speaking, the decoration of the living room is very important! According to Feng Shui, the living room space should not be too narrow or too small, otherwise it is not conducive to home feng shui

taboo 4: see the toilet at the beginning

if the pattern of your home is the pattern of seeing the toilet at the beginning, it will touch the big taboo in Feng Shui. This pattern is very unlucky and will have a great impact on home luck

taboo 5: the relative layout of two doors

the relative layout of two doors also needs to be avoided during decoration. You should know that the relative layout of two doors will affect the feelings of your family and lead to constant quarrels and disputes at home

taboo 6: the kitchen is in the northwest

in home decoration, the kitchen cannot be in the northwest, because from the five element attribute, the kitchen is fire, the northwest is gold, and fire conquers gold, so the kitchen will affect the Feng Shui in the northwest

taboo 7: beam capping

beam capping is also a taboo we must worry about. Beam capping cannot appear on the dining table, sofa, stove or bed. These places need to avoid beams

taboo 8: the mirror is facing the head of the bed

although the mirror is already an indispensable thing, we must also pay attention to the placement of the mirror in the decoration of the home. Feng Shui believes that the mirror should not be placed at the head of the bed, otherwise it will damage the health of the family

taboo 9: do not use red

red is a disturbing color. If you use red at home, it will lead to the emotional irritability of your family and affect their physical and mental health

taboo 10: kitchen and bathroom relative

kitchen and bathroom relative is a Feng Shui taboo. You must know this taboo

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