Feng Shui taboo in office decoration

In Feng Shui, the decoration of the company also has many taboos; So, what Feng Shui taboos does the company have in decoration? What are the Feng Shui taboos that must be seen in the decoration of the company? What are the Feng Shui taboos in the decoration of the company? The following is the company’s decoration Feng Shui taboo

Feng Shui taboos in company decoration

What Feng Shui taboos does the company decoration have

first, there is support behind the back and promotion

there should be support behind the desk. If the rear is an aisle, the office will be more unstable and restless. The back can be a wall, or can be equipped with tables and low cabinets

Second, the front is open and promising

the front of the desk should be open and not narrow. If you are facing the wall, the future will be blocked by the wall, and luck cannot be carried out

III. there is no walkway on the front side and there is no obstacle to promotion

the front and side of the desk can not be walkways and rush like a road. Just like the outdoor road rush, such indoor road rush will also have a bad impact

IV. the front is not the right column, and there is no mistake in doing things

there is a column on the front of the seat, which is like being beaten in the head. It is bound to make a big mistake in career, and it is easy to have a headache

V. It is too close to the door

the seat is placed next to the door, and the office efficiency is poor. In the office, the higher the position, the farther away from the door. The staff are also the same, and a considerable allocation is made according to the position

VI. flush the door and road. It is appropriate to set a screen and low cabinet

the desk rushes to the door or road, which will affect your health and be prone to accidental disasters. There are great obstacles to work and promotion

VII. Press the beam on the top

pay special attention if the desk is just under the beam. Easy to be restless, dizzy and make mistakes. If you press your head, move the table forward and avoid it

VIII. Seat cutting angle

the seat shall not be cut by asymmetric walkways and seats. If you work in this place, it will be more difficult. Friction and misunderstanding will occur in the relationship between colleagues

IX. the boss’s vault and seats should be hidden

in places with daily cash income, it is better to place the vault in a hidden place, which is less easy to lose money, and it is better to close to the back of your seat

10. The boss’s desk is larger than the worker’s

generally, the boss’s desk is larger than the worker’s, which is correct. If it is not big enough, place several cabinets next to it to increase momentum. In this way, we can command the employees smoothly

Feng Shui taboos that must be seen in company decoration

first, office seats should not be empty

Office seats should have backers; Because of good backers, many masters and dignitaries, great support, stable behavior and sufficient successor; If the seat is empty, it often leads to insufficient strength, weak body, insufficient personnel stability, lack of centripetal force of employees, no noble people, and even seriously affects the foothold space of all companies

2. The access to the office should not be blocked, which hinders the access to the office, just like the blood of the same person, and should be unobstructed; However, some problems, such as carelessness and carelessness, often block the development of the whole office, which seriously hinders the development of the whole business

III. there should be no rush brakes in front of the office

there should be no rush brakes in front of the office: road rush brakes, pole brakes, tree brakes, sharp corner brakes, etc. Otherwise, the employees or supervisors in the unit are not only prone to all kinds of problems, obstacles, frequent diseases, strange things, many officials and non officials, but also frequent personnel changes and lack of centripetal force, so they can’t keep the employees

IV. the office should not be dark and unclear, lack of daylighting

the lightness and darkness of the office is absolutely related to the success or failure of all undertakings. The office should be well lit, bright and pleasant, so that the performance can be booming and the good people can stand out. The reward and punishment are clear, and the employees give their best and are responsible and dedicated. On the contrary, the gloomy office often brings obstacles and obstacles, as well as the luck of villains in power, dereliction of duty and low morale of employees

v. the office should not commit the white tiger evil spirit

it is said that [it is better for the green dragon to be thousands of feet high than the white tiger to look up.] In other words, from the perspective of Feng Shui, the best way to look out of the office is that the left dragon is higher than the right tiger; That is, the building in front of the left should be slightly higher than the building in front of the right, because this means that the air luck of the whole office often has a positive development, and everything is auspicious and everything goes well. On the contrary, if the right tiger is high and the left dragon is high, there will often be bad and negative phenomena such as villains in power, good people suffer, officials are not talkative, full of disasters, and good deeds fail

VI. there should be no Qiaosha around the office

there should not be too high buildings near the office, otherwise it will not only bring a sense of oppression, or even destroy the career stability of the office, produce good and bad luck, subvert the original advantages of the Feng Shui and atmosphere bureau, and even make employees lose their ethical feelings and turn their faces and don’t recognize others

VII. The office should not open too many side doors

although opening the side door is a good way to strengthen the air transportation of the office, especially when the office is not busy, a large enough office can open the side door in order to achieve the effect of rush transportation and supplementary transportation. However, keep in mind that you must not open too many side doors, because too many side doors will lead to lax popularity, loss of fighting spirit, lack of wealth, or wealth in and out, and can not condense the achievements and goals that should be achieved

VIII. The office hall should not be narrow and limited

the office should be broad and vast; From the perspective of Jinggong Bagua, the Mingtang position in front of the office belongs to the off position, which is the symbol of career in the Bagua. Therefore, Mingtang, that is, the position directly in front of the office, can be said to directly refer to the future good or bad luck of this unit. Therefore, if the Mingtang of the office is narrow and closed, it is bound to symbolize that the future of this unit is limited, there are many obstacles and difficult development. Later, if the bright halls inside and outside the office are open and quiet, it means that the company or the unit has a bright future, smooth and successful

What are the Feng Shui taboos of the company’s decoration

in the selection of office decoration color, everyone unanimously chooses white. Pure white can indeed make the interior look clean and tidy, but the large-scale use of white will also make people feel irritable and lonely, so the selection of office color can be adjusted according to everyone’s preferences, Beige or light yellow similar to white is a good choice

the shape of the office is generally a square rectangle or square, avoiding some irregular shapes with prominent screams, because the holidays with prominent edges and corners often destroy the harmony generated in the inner room, and the destruction of harmony will inevitably lead to quarrels, and even ruin their future in serious cases

the choice of green plants in the office should be traditional green plants with auspicious meaning, such as cactus; It symbolizes perseverance in work and ivy; It symbolizes the success of the cause, Changhong and lily; Symbolizing the purity of people’s hearts, auspicious green plants are not only observable, but also pleasant. The choice of green plants should avoid delicate tropical plants, which are difficult to survive in the office and make people feel bad

the layout of the office should be based on personal preferences and people’s aesthetic needs. First, the office should be kept clean and tidy. The office layout should avoid weird. Although modern young people pursue trendy and avant-garde, they should avoid creating ” Out of place ” ; Office atmosphere


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