Feng Shui layout that makes the residential aura chaotic

In fact, different layout in the house can affect the Feng Shui gas field in the whole house. If the gas field in the house becomes chaotic, it will bring us many adverse effects. There will be problems in career development, wealth and health. What Feng Shui layout in the house will make the Feng Shui aura field chaotic? Now let’s learn more through the article introduction

there are too many mirrors in the house

mirrors are common items in life. They have many practicability and will bring many conveniences to our life. Many people put mirrors in their homes, but we should pay more attention when putting them. There can’t be too many mirrors in the house. Mirrors have the function of reflecting light. In Feng Shui, we think that mirrors are still a kind of Yin heavy objects. If it is placed too much in the house, or there are large mirrors, it will reflect all kinds of breath, resulting in the confusion of the Feng Shui gas field in the house, and will also reflect some bad breath into the house, making the Feng Shui environment of the house even worse. It is suggested that there should not be too many mirrors in the house. It is best to put them away when they are not in use

there are too many sharp tools in the house

there will also be a variety of sharp tools in the house, such as scissors, knives, sword decorations, etc. people often don’t pay attention to cleaning up when using the knives, resulting in sharp tools being placed in obvious places, such as on the tea table in the living room. If there are a large number of sharp tools, it will violate the taboo in residential Feng Shui. These sharp weapons themselves will have more evil Qi, which will be exposed at will and bring too much evil Qi. The gas field of the house itself will be greatly affected. The gas field of the house will become unstable, and people living in such an environment will be affected. In addition, it will also increase the risk of family injury, especially if there are children at home, we should pay more attention

the furniture in the house is placed disorderly

there will be all kinds of furniture in a house. Some families still have more furniture, so we should pay more attention to the placement of furniture, and we must not put it disorderly at will. The layout of furniture will also affect the Feng Shui aura in the residence. If the furniture is placed disorderly, it will disturb the Feng Shui aura and bring many adverse effects. We have certain principles when placing furniture in the house. Only when the furniture is placed neatly can the feng shui of the house become more stable

Dragon and tiger appear at the same time

both dragon and tiger are Feng Shui mascots, which have many positive effects and have been loved by everyone since ancient times. If the mascots of dragon and tiger appear in the house at the same time, it is easy to form ” The Dragon competes with the Tiger ” ; There must be problems on one side, and the two are prone to conflicting gas fields. At the same time, it will also affect the gas field in our house. If the Feng Shui gas field is disturbed, the breath in the house will become bad. It is suggested that you had better put one of the mascots

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