Must see Home office study room feng shui tips

As you know, home office or study room is the space for learning, reading and working. If the home office or study room is full of positive feng shui energy, it will help us to get high efficient work and study.

  1. Per Feng Shui principle, each house and each room has their own Wen Chang area (study area) which behalf of the star of wisdoms that in charge of literature. So if your home office or study rooms locate study area, it will help you and your family to get good feng shui environment and energy for working and studying. If you home office cannot move to Wen Chang area (study area). You also can place the desk in Wen Chang area inside of your home office room. CLIKCK HERE TO IDENTIFY YOUR HOME WENCHAG STUDY AREA. 
  2. The door of home office shall not face to the door of kitchen or toilet. As you know, the toilet is the resource of bed smell and negative feng shui flow, if your home office door face toilet’s door, the negative feng shui will flow into your home office room. The kitchen is fire element of five elements per feng shui principle. The fire element will influence work and study efficiency.

    home office door face the door of toilet or kitchen
    home office door face the door of toilet or kitchen
  3. No matter where you seat, there shall be supporter behind your back. So the room with a large window or many windows is not suitable to be used as office room. CLICK HERE TO SEE FENG SHUI TIPS FOR DESK PLACEMENT

    Large window and too many window in home office
    Large window and too many window in home office
  4. The main color of home office. The green match with Wen Chang study area. So the best main color of home office is green. Black, Grey and dark blue could bring pressure to people, so those heavy colors are not suitable for home office and study room.

Hope thoes feng shui tips and feng shui rules of home office and study room can help you get good feng shui enviroment for study and work. Good Luck!

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