The arch is in the house. How about Feng Shui

The only concern of modern home decoration is the visual effect of decoration, while it doesn’t care about the Feng Shui problem of residence, which leads to many Feng Shui hidden dangers in modern residence, which will have a great impact on the fortune of family. For example, arched windows often appear in modern houses

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What are the adverse effects of arch windows on residential Feng Shui

the design of this kind of window is very beautiful and full of European and American charm. However, it will have a certain adverse impact on residential Feng Shui and family fortune. Now let’s introduce what adverse effects arch windows will have on fortune

first of all, the window is the eye of the house, and it is also an important eye position connected with the external Feng Shui gas field. Its main Feng Shui function is to exhale and absorb new energy for the house. When the ventilation quality of the house is poor, the ventilation effect of the indoor air field will be gradually damaged

secondly, the reason why the arch is not suitable to appear in the house is mainly because the shape of the arch is similar to the tombstone. In Feng Shui, there is a saying that the shape of the arch is like drinking an elephant. The closer the shape is, the closer the Feng Shui gas field is. The geomantic omen field of tombstone in Yangzhai will naturally damage the geomantic omen of Yangzhai. In geomantic omen, it is believed that the arch in Yangzhai will attract a kind of evil spirit called tombstone evil spirit, which will have a certain adverse impact on the health and wealth of the family

finally, when the window is designed in the shape of arch and close to the shape of tombstone, a large number of tombstone ghosts will be attracted from the window, which will seriously damage the feng shui of the house and the fortune of the family. Therefore, generally, the longer the arch shaped windows are used, the worse the fortunes of the family

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