Do you know what is four pillars?

There is one popular principle to predict the career, marriage, fortune, health and so on. It is Four pillars of life’ principles. The four pillars are the moment of year, month, day, and hour. Ancient people believe that all the things repeated per certain regulation. This is called as fate. Those four pillars supposedly created persons destiny or fate. Each pillar is consisting of two Chinese characters. One character is “heavenly stem”; another one character is “Earthly branches”. Totally there are eight Chinese characters. So we also call it as “八字 Bazi” in Chinese. The translation is eight characters of birth time.

Everyone’s birth time can align with the Wan Nian Li (萬年曆), the “10,000-year” Chinese almanac.

Heavenly destiny, earthly destiny and human destiny are consisted of the Yi-ology. Heavenly destiny is about the time. The heavenly destiny will affect the human destiny by different birth time. Human Destiny is controlled by heavenly destiny, it cannot be changed. But people’s fortune can be changed. So in Chinese, fate is consisted of two characters. One is “命 ming”  meaning the destiny. Another one is “yun 运” meaning fortune. For example, destiny is car, fortune is road. Good car maybe meet bad road. Bad car maybe meet good road. So if the destiny can be assisted by good fortune. The people can get good Fate.

According to above Yi-ology, The four pillar of life’ principles supposed can be used to predict people’s health, marriage, fortune and health. In future, we will introduce more about four pillars and how to use four pillars of life’s destiny. GOOD LUCK!

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