What picture does Feng Shui hang in the living room

Modern people emphasize enjoyment, and home layout is meticulous. In addition to choosing some auspicious items (such as Buddha statues, ceramics, vases, stone turtles, golden chickens, etc.) for decoration, they also like to choose some hanging paintings as decorations to reflect their self-cultivation and taste. Some people like auspicious calligraphy and paintings in a living room from the heart, which plays a very important role in boosting the look of the home and creating a rich atmosphere. Hanging auspicious calligraphy and painting in the living room in order to add icing on the cake and make it prosperous is one of the good home layout methods

auspicious calligraphy and painting refer to calligraphy that implies good luck and good wishes, peony paintings that symbolize prosperity, lotus and Koi that symbolize surplus every year, pine and crane that symbolize health and longevity, and floating clouds and bats that symbolize eternal happiness. Hanging paintings at home should be aboveboard and avoid isolated objects. If there are landscape paintings hanging in the hall, watch the water flow into the house and do not flow out. Because the owner of the mountain is Ding Guancai, the inflow of water is the inflow of wealth, and the outflow of water is the loss of wealth; The boat painting should make the bow of the boat to the inside and avoid to the outside, because those who go outside will lose money, while those who go inside will attract treasure. It coincides with the year of the horse. Many people like to hang galloping horse pictures. They should also pay attention to the inward direction of the horse’s head

(1) auspicious picture of two

nine fish suitable for the living room: ” IX ” ; Take ” Long long ” ; The meaning of” Fish ” ; Meaning ” Everything goes well ” ” More than every year ” ;. Nine lovely fish are playing, which means ” Good luck ”

picture of three sheep: have you ever heard of ” The sun shines ” ” Sheep ” ; Take its sound and become ” Yang Qi ” ; ” Yang, And ” Thai ” ; It is a divinatory symbol of blessing in the book of changes. The picture of three sheep means auspicious and can bring good luck to people. However, it should be noted that the living room of cattle, dogs and mice should not hang the map of three sheep, because cattle, dogs and mice are incompatible with sheep

picture of Phoenix: Phoenix, male said Phoenix, female said Phoenix, phoenix flying together, is a symbol of harmony between husband and wife. As a kind of auspicious bird, Phoenix has rich moral. Phoenix has ” Chicken ” ; It is more suitable for those born in summer and autumn to hang Phoenix pictures at home. For rabbits and dogs, it is not suitable to hang the Phoenix picture

soft landscape paintings: for example, sunrise, lake and mountain scenery, peony, etc. are hung in the hall. When you get home tired, they can give you a relaxed and comfortable feeling. Pictures depicting immortals, Buddhas, etc. can also be used, but remember that the gods have a kind face and peaceful expression

in addition to the above auspicious hanging pictures, you can also consider ” A hundred birds and a Phoenix” Frogs splashing in the water” Monkey King offers Rui ” ; Wait. The living room should be hung with pictures of good intentions

(2) pictures not suitable for hanging in the living room

pictures of beasts: pictures of beasts should not be hung in the living room. If the living room is hung with flowers, plants, mountains and rivers, or auspicious animals such as fish, birds, horses, white cranes and Phoenix, there is usually no taboo. However, if you like to hang dragons, tigers, eagles and other beasts, you need to pay special attention to facing the head of the beast in the painting outward to form a defensive pattern. You must not threaten yourself by turning the head of the beast inward, which is an unfavorable pattern

pictures with depressed artistic conception: some people hang some pictures with depressed artistic conception in the living room for various reasons, which is not suitable from the perspective of Feng Shui. The so-called pictures with depressed artistic conception roughly include several kinds of themes, such as rough waves, bleak fallen leaves, sunset, going on the road alone, in the middle of winter wilderness, fighting between evil animals, withered vines and old trees, etc. Chinese people pay most attention to ideas. If the pictures of the above subjects are hung on the living room, all they can see are bad scenes, gloomy, lonely and eccentric. Taking this as the center of the living room, the artistic effect may be good, but the whole living room will appear listless and gloomy. Living in it, the mood will naturally be greatly affected

too many red pictures: Red pictures are easy to get hurt or have a bad temper. Don’t hang them in the living room

(3) hanging mode of hanging in the West

the hanging mode of hanging pictures is very particular, and the appropriate calligraphy and painting hanging mode can make up for the deficiency of the room

horizontal hanging: Several calligraphy and paintings with balanced proportion can be hung together to make the room appear to have a wide field of vision

vertical hanging: several small pictures are hung vertically, which will make the indoor wall appear higher

symmetrical hanging: Hang symmetrically with the indoor furniture. For example, hang a calligraphy and painting on the back and top of the two sofas next to the tea table, which can add style

in addition, the hanging height of pictures in the living room should be appropriate. This depends on the height of the room. The center of calligraphy and painting is generally 160 cm from the ground. The banner calligraphy and painting can be slightly higher, but the highest should not exceed the highest part of the indoor furniture

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