If you want to buy feng shui products-buy calabash

There are a lot of feng shui products in feng shui store. If you want to buy feng shui products, buy Calabash.

The pronounce of Calabash in Chinese is “Hulu”. The pronounce of “hulu” is very similar with “Fu Lu”. “Fu Lu” means happiness and wealth. So the calabash is necessary feng shui product to help you get good feng shui energy and wealth. There are some brief introductions of calabash’s feng shui function.

feng shui product-calabash
feng shui product-calabash
  1. Eliminate overhead beam pressure. As we discussed in other articles, if we placed table or bed under overhead beam, it will become very bad feng shui environment. Those overhead beams will let people feel more pressure and bad sleeping in long term. If you can hang one calabash on the overhead beam. The calabash will help you to eliminate that bad feng shui energy.
  2. Reduce the bad feng shui energy in washroom. As you know, washroom is the resource of bad feng shui energy. So if you can place one calabash in your washroom, it will help you to reduce the bad energy.
  3. Clear negative feng shui energy in house. Sometimes with time going, the negative feng shui energy will accumulate more and more. So you can place calabash in bedroom, living room and main door to clear negative feng shui energy in house.
  4. Prevent good feng shui energy leakage. If there are too many window or door in house. Those window and door will become exit of feng shui energy flow. In another situation, if balcony aligns with main door, the good feng shui energy flow into from main door, it will flow out from balcony immediately. The house cannot store the good feng shui energy. So you can hang some calabash on window or balcony to help you collect good feng shui energy.
  5. Block negative feng shui energy out of house. If the house facing hospital, graveyard and other bad place with bad and negative feng shui energy. There are a lot of negative feng shui around your house then you can hang some balcony inside of windows facing negative feng shui energy resource, then that balcony will help you to block negative feng shui energy.

Hope those feng shui tips of feng shui product can help you to get good feng shui energy. GOOD LUCK!

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