Defining Chi feng shui Energy

Today we will talk about what is Chi, the feng shui energy.

We had talk a lot about feng shui energy Chi. Chi is very important part of feng shui. So as feng shui beginner, we need to know the definition of Chi feng shui energy. There are two type of Chi energy, Sheng Chi (Positive feng shui energy); Sha Chi (Negative feng shui energy).

SHENG CHI – According to the ancient Chinese feng shui theory, anything in the universe, there are many different energy sources that move in and around our living environment. Sheng Chi is positive, good healthy, prosperous and happy energy. If you have Sheng Chi, you will looks more positive and all good things (good luck, promotion, money, love) will flow your way. You can feel the positive feng shui energy where Sheng Chi existing. When you live an uncluttered life with fresh beautiful flowers, lush green plants, bright sunshine, a light and airy house, you can feel you are in Good positive feng shui energy Sheng Chi energy.


SHA CHI – Negative feng shui energy. When there are many Sha chi around you, you will fell unhappy.  You may be work unhappy, living in wrong place. This negative energy can drain you and can cause illness. Stagnated flows in dark corner, lifeless place are full of negative feng shui Chi. Sha Chi is around you, when you are down and depressed.


Now we know what SHA CHI AND SHENG CHI is, try to get Sheng Chi and eliminate Sha chi in your life. Then you will get better life.

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