Feng shui tips of Green plant placement-part 2

 Last time, we had introduced some feng shui tips of plant placement. Today we will continue to introduce other feng shui tips of plant placement.

  1. Do not place too many plants or large plant on the window. As we talked last time. Placing green plant on the window can absorb sunshine, water and good feng shui energy. But if you place too many plants on the window or the plant is very large and tall. Those plants will block the sunshine go into the house and make the feng shui bad.
  2. Good places to place plant. They are washing room, the corner of living room and the place around stereo and TV. Placing plant around those places will help us convert the bad fortune to good fortune to get good feng shui energy.

    Good place for plant
    Good place for plant
  3. Do not place plant in your bed room. As well know, the plant will release CO2 in the night. So in long term, it will influence our health.
  4. Do not place liana inside of house.
  5. Do not plant the tree at the center of garden. Because there is one Chinese character called “Kun 困”. It means dilemma. So if you plant one tree at the center of garden, it will bring bad fortune.

    garden feng shui
    garden feng shui
  6. Remove all withered plants which front of your house.
  7. Taking care for your plants carefully. Once they are withered, replace them as soon as possible. Or else those withered plant will bring bad fortune and create bad feng shui.

 I think you had known some plant placement feng shui tips. We hope those tips could you to get good feng shui. Now you can have a try to get better feng shui by using those feng shui tips. GOOD LUCK!

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