Feng shui tips for Front door (Main door)

Feng shui tips of front door

Per feng shui rules and feng shui principle, the front door or main door is very important element to create good feng shui. Feng shui (气Chi)energy flow into the house through the main door, so if we have good feng shui of front door we could get better feng shui for the entire house.

So today, we will talk about the feng shui tips for front door (Main door). Of course those feng shui tips are suitable for living house and business building.

Feng shui tips of front door
Feng shui tips of front door
  1. The size of front door. The size of front door is very important. It must match with the house size. If the house is small but it has very large front door. In this situation, it is very hard to help the host to collect wealth. Opposite, if the house very large but with very small main door. It is very hard for good feng shui energy (气 Chi) flow into the house through the front door. So the size of front door shall be matched with the house size.
  2. The color of front door. The main door shall not be dark-colored or bright-colored. Especially, the bright red and black are not suitable for front door. The bright red color makes people impatient. The black color makes people feel very negative. But which color is suitable for you. You can follow  feng shui color rules.The color shall be matched with family member who is economic pillar. Please refer to below color matrix. Or you can paint the front door by using cream-colored or yellow. Those colors are warm color. They are suitable for everyone.

    Color matrix per feng shui tips
    Color matrix per feng shui tips
  3. The front door like face of people. So if the front door was damaged. The front door shall be repaired immediately. Such as paint peeling, rusty doorknobs and so on.
  4. The front door shall not face to the big and tall tree directly. The tall tree will affect the feng shui energy flow. Meanwhile the space at front the main door shall be broad.
  5. Do not place the garbage at front of the main door. Keep the place clean at front of the main door.

Hoping those feng shui tips of main door could help you to get good feng shui for you. Good Luck!

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