What is considered bad Feng Shui?

Feng shui is an ancient knowledge, and even some knowledge cannot be explained by science and technology at present. However, it can be inherited for 5000 years. Naturally, it has its reason, so we still need to understand the knowledge of Feng Shui. If there is good feng shui in home feng shui, naturally there will be bad feng shui. So what kind of home feng shui is bad feng shui? Now, let’s take a look at the harm of bad feng shui with me.

1、 Scissors brake

Scissors brake refers to a pattern similar to a cross, but not completely 90 ° vertical, except that the four intersections show two sharp and two blunt states. Generally, the houses that commit scissors are located at the intersection between two acute angles. This position is a bit similar to the state that we have to cut things with scissors, which is a very unfavorable Feng Shui pattern.

2、 Herringbone Road

Herringbone road refers to a road in front of the house. When it extends to the side of the house, it becomes two roads. In this way, it will just clamp the home house. No matter where it is clamped, it is unfavorable to home feng shui.

3、 T-shaped road

T-shaped road means that there is a big road directly facing the door of the house. This is called making road rush in Feng Shui, also known as making gun Sha. Such houses are prone to accidents, which is also a very unfavorable Feng Shui pattern.

4、 High voltage pole

There will be some evil things facing the door outside some houses, which can easily lead to disasters for people at home. For example, there are high-voltage poles facing each other, which can easily lead to family illness or miscarriage in advance, etc.

5、 Chimney

From the perspective of Feng Shui, the soot from the chimney outside the home window is a thing that is easy to cause disaster. It is not only harmful, but also affects the health of the family.

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