Can Feng Shui help me find a new job

Someone ask me same question: Can feng shui help me to find a good job? “Of course” is my answer to the question. But do not wish that feng shui help us find a good job without hard work and careful preparation for your resume and interview. Feng shui can help us to get positive energy and fortune to chase good job. So today we will talk about how to use feng shui to get positive and good fortune when you find a new job?

  1. Keep the outer path to your front door clear. Ensure that no any obstacles or debris blocking energy flow from coming to your front door. The curved patch which created with some garden would be better than direct shot path. See more front door feng shui tips.
  2. Clear inside area or passage near the front door. Keep your shoes in order or keep them in closet. Hang some beautiful picture which can bring good mood to you. If inside area or passage near the front door is very dark, you can add wall lighting or overhead lighting with warm and bright color. The warm yellow color could bring good fortune for you. Those actions could make the entrance more welcome and hospital.
  3. The color of your clothes during interview. When you apply leader role, you shall chose black or navy suit. Because black or navy means power and authority. Lighter colors grays, tans and creams are good for a supporting role, because they can indicate a person who is willing to work hard.
  4. Do not stand in dark place to avoid absorbing negative energy. Stand facing sunshine or lights to absorb positive energy when interview. No boss wants to hire one person without energy. Show your smile and energy during interview.
  5. Create one comfortable environment for sleeping and have good rest to keep your energy. For bedroom feng shui tips see here.
  6. if there is one small mirror in your washing room replace it by bigger one. see more feng shui tips of mirror in wahsing room.

You shall have the confidence to get the job which you want. Once you submit your resume to HR. you shall start to prepare the interview and rehearsal. Keep a positive, optimistic attitude and you will get the job you deserve and be patient! GOOD LUCK!

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