Is house number 4 Bad luck?

The unlucky number 4 is probably spread from Guangdong and Hong Kong. In Cantonese, 8 is homonymous with death and 4 is homonymous with death, so it is considered unlucky. However, in ancient China, 4 is actually a very auspicious number, such as four seasons of the year, four happiness balls, all corners of the world, four heavenly kings and so on. It can be seen that 4 is a very comprehensive number with perfect meaning.

For whether to choose a building with 4 or not, master Xu Shaofeng, the White Dragon King, suggested that you should not blindly think that 4 is death and 8 is hair. You should combine it with your own five elements and eight characters in order to buy a house suitable for you and help your luck and health.

Feng Shui believes that one represents water, two is fire, three is wood, four represents gold, five is soil, six has surface water, seven is fire, eight is wood, nine is gold, ten is soil, and so on. After you know the five elements of the floor, you can buy a building according to the five elements and eight characters of the word. For example, if your five elements belong to fire, you can buy a building on the second floor (what? Do you think it’s too low? You can buy seven floors, no elevator? Then buy twelve floors). It doesn’t matter if you don’t like it. You can buy the third floor, because wood can make a fire. Just don’t buy the number of floors ending with one or six, otherwise water and fire can’t be tolerated, Fear is to overcome yourself, which is a big taboo in Feng Shui.

In addition to paying attention to your five elements, you should also pay attention to one thing. For example, a building is divided into yin and Yang, the odd number of floors is Yang, and the even number is Yin. Therefore, when purchasing floors, you should also pay attention to this aspect. In fact, Feng Shui Masters believe that a floor is also divided into five elements. Even if the floor in harmony with yourself is in the wrong direction, it may not bring you good luck.

When we choose a house at ordinary times, the number of floors is only a part of what we have to consider. If we deny the whole house because we only have the number 4, it is a very superstitious practice. A number can not bring good or bad luck to ourselves. The quality of luck depends on the Feng Shui of the house itself, which has a real impact on the residents.

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