The wrong color in the kitchen will bring bad luck

It is said that food is the most important thing for the people. In the home, the kitchen is the place to master the diet of the family, which also plays a very important role in Feng Shui. Kitchen decoration is very particular, especially the color of the kitchen. There are so many kinds of colors, and not every color can be used in the kitchen. If the kitchen uses the wrong color, it will bring us bad luck. Today, let’s introduce the color of the kitchen, Feng Shui said

1. From the perspective of hygiene

let’s just discuss from the perspective of use. The kitchen is a place for cooking. White can at least show that such hygiene is good and spotless, and the diet can be assured. You see, the work clothes of hotel chefs are white. You feel very used and comfortable. But if you change into other colors, such as wearing a black robe, I’m afraid it’s more like a witch preparing some mysterious drugs. It seems that you have no bottom in your heart and don’t dare to eat the dishes

2. From the perspective of affecting appetite

because when people eat at home, they usually have to go in and serve after someone has cooked the dishes. That is to say, when a family arrives at the meal point, they have to go into the kitchen. Of course, the color of the kitchen will exert a subtle influence on people, although you may not be aware of it. Only white, the cleanest and purest, has nothing to do with any emotion, so it will not interfere with appetite. And white not only can’t arouse people’s emotions, but also helps people calm all kinds of emotions. Usually, white symbolizes calm, and all emotions are gradually released and faded

3. From the perspective of affecting emotions

it is said that people who cook have things they can’t let go of in their life, especially the hostess. They live completely according to the man’s face, and sometimes they are very sad in their heart. For women, the kitchen is really their own world. Cooking is sometimes a great pleasure in life. The advantage of choosing white is to let go all the bad things in your heart, turn yourself into a blank, find the fun of life again between pots and pans, find women’s confidence, and find softness and amorousness

4. The color that people like to use is yellow

then the yellow pigment can be used more in the layout of the home, which will be very conducive to people’s luck. Of course, some forbidden colors such as black and red should not be used. Black kitchen will not only bring people a sense of pressure, but also easily lead to unnecessary disasters. Too much red is also detrimental to the spirit, Although very festive, it will be detrimental to the magnetic field of the kitchen

5. Avoid using red in the kitchen

from the five elements, the kitchen stove belongs to fire, and red also belongs to fire. Therefore, the kitchen is very taboo to focus on red, especially big red, which will lead to excessive stove fire, fire and soil dryness, which is easy to cause family disputes. If it is in a hot summer, the kitchen dominated by red will also make people angry and make the house difficult to settle

for the decoration of the kitchen, the choice of color is very particular. We must pay attention to it and can’t use color indiscriminately. The choice of kitchen color needs to be combined with the actual needs. It should not only meet the beauty, but also pay attention to the problems of Feng Shui. Only when the kitchen color is selected correctly can there be good feng shui

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