Design of family bathroom

The bathroom is a very private place. In the evening, you communicate with yourself there. When you get up in the morning, the first place you want to go is also there. You don’t have any constraints and feel very relaxed; Can summon up the courage to face the new day. The narrow bathroom will make you feel depressed; Lighting and large mirrors can increase the sense of space and broaden your vision

the bathroom is used for cleaning and purification. Try to keep it clean, ventilated, concise and well ventilated. No matter where your bathroom is, make sure it works properly, because the water flowing in the bathroom symbolizes not only the flow of Qi in your body, but also the flow of wealth and opportunities in your life. Plumbing problems in the bathroom will directly affect your health and economic status. In addition, we should also pay attention to the following points:

first, toilet

toilet, one of the important hardware facilities in the bathroom, should not be close to or directly opposite the door. The farther away from the door, the better, so as not to be washed away as soon as luck enters the door. For toilets with poor location, the simplest way to improve is to cover the toilet cover at any time. In addition, arrange the toilet in a position that cannot be seen from the bathroom door, try to use the screen or curtain to separate it from the rest of the room or hall, ensure that it can not be seen from any mirror, and remember to keep the bathroom door closed, especially the bathroom of the suite (bedroom)

the sitting direction of the toilet should not be opposite to the toilet door. If the new couple sits on the toilet right opposite the door, it is not elegant and will cause money loss. It is best to stagger with the toilet door. In terms of direction, the most important point is that the toilet should not face south. It is more important to avoid the situation that the toilet flushes the bed and the stove in an open way, so as to avoid the adverse situation of water and fire attack in the life of the new couple

II. wash basin

many cleaning and sanitary products on the wash basin will appear disorganized, which is easy to make newcomers feel irritable and cause quarrels in the busy morning. Therefore, it is advisable to nail a section of plate frame around the wash basin to place commonly used cosmetics and so on. The height of the board frame should not hinder the use of the faucet. The material can be wood, glass or a complete set of decorative frames in household goods stores

III. windowless bathroom

if the bathroom has no external windows, you can hang a mirror on the wall to form an imaginary space. The most taboo is that the air is not circulating. If space permits, set up a Jacuzzi in the bathroom! The bubbles generated during bathing can impact the body and produce massage effect, which will not only eliminate the fatigue of the new couple, but also produce negative oxygen ions, clean the indoor air and be beneficial to health

water storage in bathtub is common in families who do not bathe often. They wash it once a week or two, and the remaining water is reserved to flush the toilet and wipe the floor. After the washing machine is used, the remaining water is also stored in the bathtub. They think the bathtub is for bathing. They must wash all the dirty things down. Then let the water go, which means saying goodbye to the dirty things and refreshing yourself

if you store water, of course, the dirt you wash can’t be returned to your body. However, don’t you melt your fatigue and bad mood in the water? Don’t you leave the water in the house with fatigue and bad mood? If you keep them, aren’t you afraid to interfere with your life

Feng Shui says that there is no water, which actually means that you should not be controlled by bad emotions, so use the ritual of bathing to change your mood. The ancients paid attention to ” Bathing and dressing, That’s why. If you regard bathing as a kind of gymnastics for emotional health care, you must finally drain the dirty water, which means that all bad things have gone with the water It also takes on a new look

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